Give your food truck some eye-catching style with a custom designed wrap.

You put your heart and soul into your food, why not put it into you food truck?

Few things are more important for a food truck business than it’s mobile storefront. It’s your sign, your advertising, your menu, and your personality all wrapped into one recognizable display. You’ve put the work into perfecting you culinary craft, and setting up your restaurant on wheels– make sure you get the audience you deserve with an striking exterior design.

We’ve worked with countless food truck businesses to produce designs that capture the excitement and deliciousness of their menu and engage with their customers.  We understand that your truck is an extension of yourself as a business owner and head chef, that’s why our wraps are tailored to match the quality and uniqueness of your cooking style.

At Brands Imaging, quality and creativity are key to our success, that’s why our entire team is comprised of 3M certified graphic professionals. We are all about producing the best custom food truck wraps to give our customers the edge they need to make a bold statement out in the world.