So we did a smart car wrap….and it was marvelous. Let us walk you through a bit of the process….

smart car vehicle wrap installation - brands imaging

These Brands Imaging supplied smart car graphics were installed at our large format printing company in Philadelphia by 3M Certified graphic installers. 

Small cars are tricky and not like other vehicles when it comes to design and installation and this is a bit of “how to” when it comes to that

Smart Car Design:

This is the first vehicle for  Burns & McBride by Brands Imaging. The design needed to be on point and eye catching. As you can see, this one really hits the mark.

So these tiny two passenger vehicles are so small that you’d think the graphic designer will have an easy time, right? Wrong! Any college advertising class will tell you that less is more. This situation is exactly where that comes into play.

These cars are so small that when you pack too much information in it will get lost. A vehicle wrap should get some basic points across quickly. When a potential customer only has 3 seconds to see your vehicle wrap they need to know:

• who you are

• what you do (this should be either a part of your logo or 1 statement or tagline)

• how to contact you

• see photographic or illustrative messaging that supports the above

Purchasing a vehicle wrap for your smart car can be overwhelming but you should trust your large format printing company to design your graphics and allow them to guide you in the right direction.