Professional, eye-catching, unique signage is a must for every business!

Choosing the proper exterior signage is an extremely important decision for any business to make.

We keep our customers, and ourselves, ahead of the competition by using the most superior signage materials available to ensure every project is completed to the highest industry standard.

Choosing the proper exterior signage is an extremely important decision for any business to make. Two common factors go into to selecting an exterior sign. First, and most obvious, are the aesthetics of your sign. It acts as the face of your business and should make a strong initial impact on customers. The second factor in determining the proper exterior signage involves the integrity and longevity of your sign or banner choice. Brands Imaging guides clients through the sign selection process by taking into account that safety and value are just as important as aesthetics.

All of our traditional sign faces are expertly constructed out of non-breakable, vandal proof material. This material is called Lexan and installed in one piece whenever possible.

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What Material do You Use for Your Signs?2017-09-27T13:44:50+00:00

We use Lexan, which is the industry’s highest standard for signs. It is durable, attractive, made to be non-breakable, as well as offering the protection of being a vandal proof material.

Do You Provide Installation for Custom Signs?2017-09-27T13:44:26+00:00

Yes, we do install custom signs. Contact us for further details!

Can Your Signs be Made with Custom Colors?2017-09-27T13:43:52+00:00

Yes, because we do custom signs, we can customize and match colors precisely.

Do Your Signs Come in Standard Sizes?2017-09-27T13:43:10+00:00

Not really; our custom signs are created to the specifications you need, and we can make them any size necessary. We opt for creating the best signs that are going to get noticed, particularly from a distance.