So you just bought a new promaster and can’t wait to wrap it? Us too!

Here are some tips so your Promaster wrap make a big impact on the street and your business!

promaster wrap

Plumbers, handymen, and delivery guys are a discerning bunch—and the ProMaster aims to meet their needs. Choose from low, high, or extended roofs and 118-, 136-, or 159-inch wheelbases. The base engine is a 280-hp V-6; a 174-hp turbodiesel four is a pricey option. Both engines have a six-speed automatic and front-wheel drive. While its driving position may be a bit fussy and maneuverability is lacking over its competitors, the low load floor and great forward visibility may make up for both.

The options on the Promaster are really great depending on what you need the truck for. Some plumbing companies really like the long wheel base so they can slide cast iron pipes inside and still close the doors. Contractors usually like the high roofs so they can walk around inside the vehicle and get work down outside a home on a rainy day. Whichever option you choose Brands Imaging can help you design, print and install a custom wrap for that shape vehicle.

So we want to do a spotlight this month on some of the most commonly wrapped (and justifiably so) vehicles. This includes the Ford Transit, Nissan NV, Mercedes Sprinter, Box Trucks and of course the Dodge Ram Promaster. All of these vehicles are perfect for vehicle graphics and eye catching designs. There are a couple things to consider before purchasing your vehicle wrap and the first would be finding a 3M certified company to work with. This way you can ensure that you’ll be working with a company that handles all phase of the wrap process in house.