Box Truck Wraps2019-04-30T15:28:13+00:00

Give your business the mobile advertising it needs with box truck wraps.

Why blend into the crowd of plain, white trucks when you could be using your box truck to advertise your business?

Having custom-made graphics along with a custom box truck wrap will allow you to turn heads everywhere your truck travels.

Why Brands Imaging? Because between our keen eye for detail and many years of professional expertise, we produce the best box truck wraps out there! We understand the needs of today’s businesses, and how important it is to have the most attention-grabbing graphics. A box truck wrap can garner thousands of impressions daily; we want to make sure your box truck positively boosts your advertising goals. Quality and creativity are our focus to ensure everything we produce is of the highest standard.

At Brands Imaging, we are all about producing the best custom box trucks wraps to give our customers the edge they need to make a bold statement out in the world. Our team is comprised of certified 3M professionals, who know what they’re doing in every regard; from design strategy through installation!

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Would my Company Benefit From a Box Truck Wrap?2017-09-26T21:00:22+00:00

Absolutely! The amount of impressions and attention a single box truck wrapped in an attractive, advertising-focused vehicle wrap is unlimited, especially if it is located in or near a busy city. The more traffic your vehicle operates in, the more likely your business details will get noticed, which means your company will be reaching a wider audience.

Are Box Truck Wraps an Effective Means of Advertising?2017-09-26T21:04:37+00:00

Absolutely. Car and truck wraps have the potential to reach millions of views, with traffic in the thousands by the hour if located in a busy city. Combined with other methods of marketing and advertising, businesses can benefit tremendously from having a box truck wrap.

How Durable is a Box Truck Wrap?2017-09-26T21:05:27+00:00

With Brands Imaging, the durability factor of our wraps of utmost importance. While we cannot attest the quality of other companies, from a personal standpoint, we are proud to be fully 3M certified, using only the highest standard of materials as well as installation practices.

Can a Box Truck Wrap be Repaired if Dented?2017-09-26T21:07:38+00:00

Yes! A custom wrap can always be re-printed and reinstalled if the need arises.

Is it Difficult to Get a Box Wrap on a Company Vehicle?2017-09-26T21:09:29+00:00

No, generally. The process we use is thorough, efficient, and designed to make getting a box truck wrap for your company vehicle very easy. Contact us to learn more and to get started with getting your box truck professionally wrapped!