Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap Company….Choose Wisely!

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Dodge Sprinter Vehicle Wrap Removal Without Warranty – Vehicle Wrap Company Offering Color Correction for Large Format Printing

Okay, you need to make a decision and choosing the right vehicle wrap company is important. You got your truck wrapped a few years ago and now you want to trade it in for another car, right? The dealership says you need to take the wrap off (even though this can easily be negotiated). Maybe you’re switching business or updating your brand, either way you’ve encountered the VEHICLE WRAP REMOVAL ZONE!! So when choosing your large format printing company, choose wisely.

So we have to back up for a second and talk just a bit about purchasing a vehicle wrap. Please understand that this pertains to all vehicle wraps such as; partial wraps, window wraps for storefronts, vehicle lettering or any type of custom graphics applied to surfaces that you don’t want to damage. You need to ask questions! Hopefully your search already brought you to an actual 3M Certified Company.

These are some questions for your choosing your vehicle wrap company:


  • What is the exact vehicle wrap material you will be using? Is there a matching laminate for it also?

  • Will there be any chemicals of any kind used on my car. This is typically called “primer” and is an adhesive promoter

  • What is my vehicle wrap warranty and does it come in writing?

  • Will there be paint damage up removal of the wrap?

  • Do I get a color sample?