Project Description

Its been a crazy week here at the shop with everyone coming and going, clients new and old, and tax season being right around the corner. As if there wasn’t already a strong reminder of tax season, we were given the task of doing the fleet vehicle wraps on for H&R Block. Being that H&R Block is the number one tax company in the United States, it really spoke volumes to the trust that the company had in us to do the job, and do it right.

With images of numbers dancing in our heads, the awesome design team and installers set to work, transforming this green, mean, money making machine. Speaking of making money, the eye grabbing, attention stealing  focus of this gorgeous vehicle wrap, is the super awesome promotion they’re running for tax season! The 1000×1000 is a campaign that inspired these custom vehicle wraps! 1000 people every day will receive $1000! As if that wasn’t already causing numbers to float in our heads, day dreams of how we’d spend that little cash cushion came with it!

When the time came for the finished product to be revealed, these cars looked like a million bucks! If you’re in the Tri-State area, keep your eyes open for the fleet of KIA Soul’s that have been custom branded by yours truly here at Brands Imaging, and hey, if you’re feeling like taking a chance at winning $1000, go get your taxes done – we know we are!

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