Wallpaper printing is something you know and see but maybe don’t give too much thought about how to access it for yourself…..and the right way.

wallpaper printing

HP large format wallpaper printing

Let’s start digging into the facts.

Wallpaper itself is an art and a product that has been around since the 1700’s and is thriving now in a major way. A huge advancement into the interior design and custom home market has been producing custom wallpaper. So, if you have your mind stuck in the history books and think you need a giant machine to get get custom wallpaper think again! Here are some things about custom wallpaper that you didn’t know.

•it can be designed by any graphic designer excelled in this area of creating patterns.

•can be printed on a variety of material from normal paper to canvas and textile

•your local large format printer (with the right machines) can produce wallpaper for you

•can be a DIY but we suggest a paperhanger or graphics installer

Printing: What Can I expect?

So you decide you want to explore wallpaper printing and need some details. First you need to categorize yourself. Are you an interior designer, graphic designer, branding agency, marketing agency, event company, public relations firm, reseller, wallpaper company or just a consumer? Next you should use this leverage a try to develop a relationship with a large format printing company that you can trust. Typically we always suggest working with a 3M Certified Graphics Installation firm. You’ll find these companies usually have their act together by way of printing and graphics which usually will encompass wallpaper printing.

Materials: What’s the difference?

The first thing someone who’s purchasing wallpaper should understand is that all materials are not created equal. If it’s cheap, there must be a reason. Typically, large format printing companies that are producing wallpaper on limited runs for specialty projects will be using a thicker, canvas-like material. This material can come in a smooth finish, linen texture or perhaps some more rough and durable. It is really up to the user but you can trust that these materials will be a real show stopper for your environment.