Vehicle fleet wraps can help build brand awareness for your business.  If you already have employees rolling around in company vehicles, how great would it be to have vehicles wraps on them that represent your company?  Vehicle wraps are a great choice for extending the reach of your brand and reinforce brand recognition in your geographic territories.


There are many ways vehicle fleet wraps can help build brand awareness for your company.

Here are a few ways:

  1. Make Your Brand Be “Top of Mind” – If you’re doing work in a neighborhood or business park, you can easily send out a mailer to other homes or businesses in that area near the end of your work.  This way it has given people enough time to become familiar with your vehicles since they are there while doing the work.  If you’re making deliveries in the area, your vehicle will be seen by many – making it “top of mind” when someone might need delivery services.
  2. Great Design – Having an eye-catching vehicle wrap that clearly gets your message across helps build your brand presence while driving around the service areas your business handles.  A great design should include a visible business name and logo, easy to read phone number, possibly your website, a brief list of services
  3. Develop an Effective Brand Message – The more effectively you can communicate your message, the more you will attract a relevant audience who needs your products and/or services.  By having a clear and concise brand message on your vehicle wrap, your brand will stand out among the crowded highway to those who are in need of your services and/or products.


Vehicle fleet wraps will build your brand recognition for people who may need your products and/or services. Whether you have a small vehicle fleet (2-5) or a large vehicle fleet across the nation, Brands Imaging has the experience to handle your vehicle wrap needs.  We offer on-site wrapping, where we come to you to install the vehicle wraps.  We are also 3M Certified, offering the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship in the industry.  Our installers are among an elite group of the best in the world.  We offer a 3M backed warranty on our products and have expert knowledge of 3M materials and how to handle them according to the exact manufacturer standards.

Get a quote now and learn how Brands Imaging can help YOU build your brand presence.