No doubt you’ve seen them as you’ve driven around – custom vehicle graphics that grab the eye and call attention to whatever the owner wants you to see, in a way unlike any traditional vehicle lettering has done in the past. Sure, if you have a business you can always go the old-fashioned route and have your business name, logo and phone number painted onto the side and the back of your panel truck or delivery van … and then you’ll fade into the background just like every other van.

Custom vehicle graphics are one of the top ways to attract attention from your target audience and put your message ahead of your competition’s. The more creative and meaningful your design is and the stronger the connection that it has to your brand identity, the greater the impact it will have, and with today’s high tech processes and materials, the sky is the limit in terms of what can be done.


Custom vehicle graphics open a whole new world of possibility in terms of what you are communicating. Not only do they share information on what you do in a vivid and vibrant way, they also get people talking about you – even if it is just commenting on how cool your fleet looks. If you provide yourself with a recognizable image through the use of the cars or vans that are going to be driving around on the road anyway, then it makes perfect sense to have them out there generating buzz at the same time. Our clients are constantly calling us and thanking us for the difference we’ve made in their business, telling us time and time again that they’ve heard from people who’ve decided to call the company with “the cool car”.


When you add custom vehicle graphics to your personal vehicle, delivery van, or an entire fleet, you are giving yourself one of the top forms of marketing available today, with the highest return on investment around. Your vehicle gets seen 30,000 to 70,000 times per day – let it broadcast your message each and every time.


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