If your office space is bleak with gray or white walls and uninspired signage, it is probably time to redecorate. Most people spend at least a quarter of their week in their offices, utilizing interior design trends you can improve their experience. A brighter, more comfortable, more inviting environment can lead to a happier, more productive workplace. Things like comfortable seating, proper lighting and unique wall designs can make a huge difference.

Not only will this have a positive effect on employees, but on clients. When a client comes to your office, you want to make sure that it reflects the company’s message. An unique, well-done design has powerful branding power. It has the ability to portray a distinctive company while maintaining professionalism.

Design Trends for Offices & Work Spaces in 2015

There are some similar, but effective trends that can guide your design. A lot of trends are practical ones to help your employees feel more comfortable, like comfortable seating and the ability to personalize their work spaces. One trend for 2015, is fusion of traditional colors, patterns, and materials with modern ones. Contrasts between classic style with contemporary style can create an aesthetically-pleasing space. While looking at trends can be a source of inspiration, since the design is going to have a big effect on your employees and clients, your design should be tailored to your company and its brand.

Using Wall Murals & Window Graphics

Wall murals and window graphics could be the answer to to designing your office. The versatility and cost-effectiveness of wall murals will allow you to use any graphics and patterns you want, without the fear of costs or damaging your walls. Wall murals and window graphics allow you to cover windows, floors, walls, and even tables with graphics customized for your company, whether you want bold colors and patterns, or more subtle design.

Brands Imaging has the experience and knowledge to help you create a fun and functional office space clients and employees will love. We welcome the opportunity to work with interior designers to help create your ideal space.