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Custom Wallpaper and Wall Murals – Is there a Difference?!?

Many people think there is a difference between custom wallpaper and custom wall murals. I guess it really depends on who you ask. If you walk into an Interior Designer’s office they’ll probably tell you one thing. If you call a large format print shop I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you something different.

Here are some characteristics of both custom wallpaper and custom wall murals:

  • custom tailored to the customers liking
  • professional design
  • more expensive than something “off the shelf”
  • sized to fit your space

So if you see, at first glance custom wallpaper and custom wall murals are really kind of the same. They are special, one-off large format prints that are designed and created specifically for a customer. When purchasing large format printing like wallpaper or murals you should expect superior service and have this project really feel like it’s worth its weight in gold…..or paper! I guess the point is that there is much debate over the difference between the two and really they are very much the same. Let’s try to but some space between the two and who uses them.

Custom Wallpaper:

  • architects for residential and commercial spaces
  • usually installed by “paper hangers”
  • interior designers are really making custom wallpaper “in” again
  • repetitive design that flow

Custom Wall Murals

  • usually designed for themed rooms or commercial spaces
  • digital wall murals are sometimes thought to be a replacement for hand painted murals
  • thought to be best suited for commercial spaces

The reality is that wallpaper and murals have been around for a long time and are now making a huge comeback in a variety of environments. Great examples of where you’d see these pieces at but never think twice would be commercial graphics for universities and colleges, custom wallpaper for supermarkets and franchises, custom wall murals for professional sports teams, nightclub wallpaper, restaurant custom wallpaper and many more locations that benefit from custom branded walls and spaces. See some more information and photos we have on these tops and interior graphics as a whole on our interior graphics page